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Opinion: The Affordable Care Act saved my life and this is why we have to protect it
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Opinion: The Affordable Care Act saved my life and this is why we have to protect it

When Milwaukee resident Kat Klawes was diagnosed with cancer on her 26th birthday, she was able to immediately enroll in the Affordable Care Act marketplace, which helped save her thousands of dollars on cancer treatments.

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The day I turned 26, I didn’t give the birthday much thought. It wasn’t a landmark birthday—until it became the birthday that changed my life. On my 26th birthday, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was also the day I had to leave my parents’ health insurance plan.

When I received my cancer diagnosis, the cancer wasn’t even my biggest worry. It was figuring out how I would be able to afford healthcare and treatment. Thankfully, I was able to register for a healthcare plan through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) immediately. It took me less than 15 minutes to sign up online. The ACA healthcare plan allowed me to afford the healthcare I needed, with a low out-of-pocket maximum.


The above excerpt was originally published in UpNorthNews. Click here to view the full article.

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