Paris Hilton is NOT a Job Creator

Middle Class Workers Are the Real Job Creators

As we discussed yesterday, Republicans always falsely claim that we can’t raise taxes on the wealthy because they are the “job creators.” In addition to the fact that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy did not and will not create jobs, cutting edge new economic research confirms what we knew all along — the middle class is the engine of our economy. It’s middle class workers — the customers for businesses large and small — who create the demand that drives our economy, making them the real job creators.

How does the middle class drive our economy?

  • A strong middle class promotes the development of human capital and a well-educated population.
  • A strong middle class creates a stable source of demand for goods and services.
  • A strong middle class incubates the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • A strong middle class supports inclusive political and economic institutions, which underpin economic growth.

Here’s a simple graphic illustrating the two very different views about who America’s real job creators are.

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