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Progressives Embrace Women’s Voices, Trump Gags Them.

Progressives Embrace Women’s Voices, Trump Gags Them.

Last night, women won groundbreaking and long overdue victories in primaries across the country. In a jarring contrast, Trump announced a domestic gag rule that viciously attacks women’s rights to safe health care and reproductive choice.

  • The domestic gag rule would bar Title X-funded providers like Planned Parenthood from offering any abortion-related care with private, non-federal funds—even counseling and referral for safe, legal abortion is prohibited.
  • Title X providers are a vital source of quality care, particularly for low-income people and women of color. This rule would prohibit the discussion of the full array of pregnancy-related options.
  • The rule’s impacts are devastating: it will deny millions of women access to contraception, STI screenings, information and counseling about abortion, and other crucial health services for women most in need.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s electoral outcomes make clear to the Trump Administration that strong women will be leading the charge in the midterm elections just as they’ve led the charge in the Resistance, and they will not be silenced:

  • Stacey Abrams handily won her primary in Georgia, becoming the first woman of color in U.S. history to be a major party nominee for governor.
  • In Texas, Lupe Valdez and Gina Ortiz Jones—respectively a former sheriff and an Iraq War Veteran and both lesbians—won primaries in gubernatorial and congressional races.
  • Amy McGrath is the first female Marine to fly the F-18 fighter jet. Last night, she won a Kentucky primary without the support of party leadership.


FEC Comment Rule. The Federal Election Commission is collecting comments on a proposed rule requiring online ads to disclose who paid for them. This is in direct response to the onslaught of fake news and dark money ads run on Facebook and Twitter during the 2016 election campaign. Speak out in support of this crucial rule: add your comment today.


Corruption & Collusion. Trump is blustering through his usual desperate deflection tactics and continuing to stomp on the rule of law this morning, and it’s no mystery as to why. Michael Cohen’s longtime business partner struck a deal and pleaded guilty last night, and things just get worse and worse for Don Jr. All on top of the fact that Trump’s first National Security Advisor, the deputy chair of his inaugural committee, and a top foreign policy aide have already pleaded guilty, and far more individuals linked to the Trump administration have been indicted. All of it points in one direction: personal gain and profit at America’s expense.

Another big bank giveaway is headed to the President’s desk. Yesterday the House passed the #BankLobbyistAct, rolling back a series of safeguards put in place after the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The bill, which is expected to be signed by Trump, increases the likelihood that taxpayers will have to foot the bill once more when big banks fail and undermines protections for homeowners. Working families haven’t forgotten the lost homes, savings, and wages the financial crisis caused ten years ago. Like last year’s tax bill, this seems to an effort to reward big corporate donors.

Trump’s oil company cronyism leads to pain at the pump. Summer’s approaching, and gas is at $3 per gallon—a 50 cent jump from just a year ago. The Trump Administration’s foreign policy decisions and so-called “energy dominance” agenda are at least partially to blame. Under Trump, get ready for more spikes in gas prices, more U.S. oil being shipped overseas, and more expensive summer road trips.


Trump to Republicans: your vote doesn’t matter as much in 2018. Much to the horror of his party, Trump went off-script and told a crowd of anti-abortion activists that their vote isn’t as important in 2018 (compared to their vote to elect him president). This immediately after his announcer told the crowd that midterms are essential.

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