Pruitt’s Culture of Corruption Lives On.

Scott Pruitt might be gone, but the culture of corruption he helped establish is still open for business under new management: Andrew Wheeler.

Today, in a gift to their big oil friends, the Trump Administration announced plans to freeze fuel efficiency requirements for cars and trucks through 2026.

The impact? Our air will be harder to breathe. Overall pollution levels will spike. Climate change and its impacts will worsen. Asthma cases will increase.

By 2030, “the pollution equivalent of the proposed rollback will be equal to firing up 30 coal power plants.” That number spikes to 43 by 2040.

Andrew Wheeler is following right in Pruitt’s footsteps, carrying out a legacy of corruption and loyalty to special interests—like the oil and gas industry and automakers—over the health of Americans.

Wheeler is a former coal lobbyist, a DC swamp-dweller (just like Brett Kavanaugh) who previously pushed the Trump Administration to bail out coal companies at the expense of taxpayers.

I don’t ever want to go back to a time when you could see, smell, and taste the air. But I fear that under Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, we will.”

Those are the words of Hannah Banks, a retired architect who lives in Massachusetts. Those are the words of one concerned American, but they represent the voices of millions more.


Mitch McConnell’s concerns about nominating Kavanaugh may be coming to fruition.

Senator Chuck Grassley’s plan to hide Brett Kavanaugh’s paper trail just took an interesting turn. Today, the National Archives responded to Grassley’s request for only a portion of Kavanaugh’s record—with some news Grassley probably didn’t like too much.

The National Archives estimates that Grassley’s request—which, remember, is for only part of Kavanaugh’s records—wouldn’t be completed until the end of October.

You can guess what happened next: Grassley decided to go forward anyway. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said today that the White House doesn’t want the Senate going on a “taxpayer funded fishing expedition.”

What’s the rush? Surely, after the year they spent blocking Merrick Garland’s confirmation, the process can afford a few more months for a holistic look at the record of the next Supreme Court Justice?

Don’t let them fool you; they don’t want you to see Kavanaugh’s record. They’re hiding something, and we want to know what.

There is no legitimate reason that Brett Kavanaugh’s record shouldn’t be completely produced and vetted, just like every other nominee in recent history. The only reason this is even being discussed is because Senate Republicans and President Trump are terrified of what will happen if Americans have their say in the November elections.

Go to to call your Senators today.

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