Quit the Commission

So much for the President’s golden reputation in the business world. After intense pressure following the #QuitTheCouncil campaign, Trump disbanded both the Manufacturing Advisory Council and the Strategy and Policy Forum. Yesterday, Trump got rid of the Infrastructure Council before it was even finalized. And this morning, the President’s Commission on Arts and the Humanities is vacant, as the remaining members resigned to protest the President’s response to Charlottesville.

But one of the most troubling councils is still intact–the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. This commission’s entire premise is based on a myth perpetuated by Trump himself—voter fraud. Incidents of voter fraud are so low (about 0.0003-0.0025 percent) that you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than engage in illegal voting acts. The Pence/Kobach voting commission only serves to feed into Trump’s illegal voters fantasy, as well as justify voter suppression, which disproportionately impacts people of color. For these reasons, as well as the President’s refusal to unequivocally condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists, it’s time for the members to #QuitTheCommission.


#QuitTheCommission. We proved that activism works with the #QuitTheCouncil campaign. Now, it’s time to make our voices heard again. Use our easy tool to tweet at or call the remaining members of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity using our handy tool and tell them to #QuitTheCommission!


Bannon Out. The New York Times is reporting that Trump is pushing Bannon out. Although the timing of this is unknown, Trump has told his senior advisers that his decision has been made.

#TakeThemDown. Montana is the latest in a number of states taking action to remove confederate statues from public grounds. Let’s keep the pressure on these local elected officials. Find out if you have a confederate symbol in your town. Then, use this handy tool to tell your local reps that it’s time to #TakeThemDown.

Losing Business. Three organizations—the American Cancer Society, the Cleveland Clinic, and the American Friends of Magen David Adom—have canceled their plans to hold events at Mar-a-Lago, another example of the backlash after Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. The question is: will more organizations have the same courage to hit Trump where it hurts (his pocketbook)?

Mother’s Rebuke. Trump has been criticized for not reaching out to Heather Heyer’s mother in the aftermath of Charlottesville. He finally did yesterday—during the funeral. When asked if she will be returning the call or answering future calls, Heyer’s mother said, “I have not, and now I will not.” She said her refusal to talk to Trump is due to the President’s comments on Tuesdays where he compared Heather Heyer to the KKK and white supremacists. Her final words for the President? “Think before you speak.”

Closing Ranks. Five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the military are speaking out against hatred, racism, and extremism. The leaders of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and National Guard have all issued statements condemning the violence and racism seen in Charlottesville last weekend. Share their statements today!


Resistance in the NFL. Yesterday, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long became the first white player to join his fellow black teammates in a protest during the national anthem. To show his support for the movement, he put his arm around Malcom Jenkins, as Jenkins raised his fist. Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has urged white teammates to join the protests, saying, “It would change the whole conversation.”

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