Republican ACA Sabotage.

Right ahead of the midterms, expect to hear a lot about new health care premium rates spiking, and you know who to thank: the Trump Administration and its tireless attempts at ACA sabotage.

A new analysis from the Center for American Progress breaks down how much more consumers will pay for their 2019 premiums by Congressional district because of the #GOPTaxScam’s individual mandate repeal and other actions by the Trump administration.

Some key numbers:

  • Nationally, a 40-year old can expect to pay $970 more next year because of these actions.
  • For a typical family of four: better find an extra $3,110.
  • A 55-year-old couple can expect to pay an extra $3,330 on average.

See how this could impact you here.

And while you’re at it, check out just how much your member of Congress profited thanks to just one provision of the tax scam they prioritized over keeping health care affordable.


As Trump & Co. attempt to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade, new polling shows that 71% of American voters believe that the landmark decision should not be reversed.

Here’s the breakdown of voters who believe Roe should stand:

  • 88% of Democrats
  • 76% of Independents
  • *52% of Republicans*

That’s a majority of Republican voters who believe that a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion should not be stripped away; Senators should listen up.

As a new CAP video shows, we already know that Brett Kavanaugh wants to gut and overturn Roe. Will Republican Senators listen to their constituents, or will they stand idly by and watch Trump’s Supreme Court destroy decades of progress (and endanger women’s health in the process)?

This is not the Trump Administration’s only ongoing attack on women’s rights. Submit a comment against the domestic gag rule, which will strip vital funding from Title X programs that provide key family planning services to millions of American women.


“Rotten meat. Chicken pox. Tearful separations.”

These are the stories of people who are currently in the Trump Administration’s custody.

Over 1,000 pages of court documents tell the disturbing stories of the Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy made manifest: guards kicking ten-year-old girls awake, infants detained alone, rotten sandwich meat riddled with mold, and families cruelly ripped apart.

Like 10-year-old Dixiana S., of Honduras. She says, after being forcibly separated from her mother, she was placed in a cell with other crying girls where the lights were always on. There, “a male officer kicked me to wake me up. … The kick scared me and hurt.”

But one question remains: where are the children?

ThinkProgress is trying to find the answers. Follow their new project dedicated to tracking how many children have been reunited with their families—and keeping track of the more than 2,000 kids who remain separated.


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