3 Ways the Sequester is Taking a Toll on Struggling Americans

As we discussed before, Congress rushed to the rescue of air travelers after a mere four days of flight delays. Meanwhile, some of the most vulnerable Americans have been dealing with the additional hardships imposed by painful sequester cuts for more than two months now.

Our Center for American Progress colleague Erik Stegman explain hows the sequester is hurting struggling families, seniors, and children:

It’s very clear by now that Republicans are perfectly happy to force this kind of painful austerity on the American people so long as it means that corporations and the wealthiest Americans get to keep their special tax breaks. And now Republicans are refusing to even sit down and talk about finalizing a budget for next year. Worse yet, they are once again threatening to take the full faith and credit of the United States hostage unless Democrats agree to hundreds of billions of dollars in new corporate tax breaks.

BOTTOM LINE: Our economy and struggling families literally cannot afford the games the GOP continues to play with programs that benefit millions of Americans each and every day.

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