SIX Health Care Questions the GOP Must Answer

GOP in Disarray After Obamacare Ruling

Aside from launching a new false attack on the law (which also happens to be an attack on Mitt Romney) and promising to vote one more time on repealing the law, Republicans don’t quite know what to do. Some of them even openly admit that the GOP has no plan whatsoever.

They know that the Supreme Court-endorsed individual mandate is not popular, but they also know that many other provisions of the law are wildly popular — even among Republicans. This obstacle — how to replace Obamacare with something that will actually work and doesn’t look just like Obamacare — is one of the reasons they never managed to put forward a serious “replace”  following repeal.

Here’s six questions Republicans need to answer.

  1. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled Obamacare constitutional, will you continue to obsess over repealing it or will you focus on working with Democrats to pass legislation to create jobs?
  2. Will you force the 3.1 million young people who have health coverage as a result of Obamacare off of their parents’ insurance?
  3. Will you tell cancer patients and others with pre-existing conditions that they are on their own, like Republican senate candidate Richard Mourdock and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) did?
  4. Will you throw seniors back into the Medicare prescription drug donut hole, raising their prescription drugs costs by billions of dollars each year?
  5. Will you let insurance companies go back to spending less than 80 percent of premiums on actual medical care instead of overheard, advertising and profits?
  6. Since you are now saying the Obamacare individual mandate makes President Obama a tax raiser, doesn’t that mean Mitt Romney raised taxes on Massachusetts residents when he signed the Romneycare mandate into law?

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