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Sneak Peak: The Costs of Republicans Choosing Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Over Infrastructure…

Sneak Peak: The Costs of Republicans Choosing Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Over Infrastructure…

In January 2017, Trump was inaugurated, and Republicans held majorities in both houses of Congress. The G.O.P. could have used their unified control of the federal government to act on Candidate Trump’s promise to spend $1 trillion to rebuild the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure.

Instead, after several failed attempts at taking away health care for millions of Americans, President Donald Trump and Congress shifted to the cause that unites all Republicans: irresponsible tax cuts. Every legitimate analysis reached the conclusion that the tax bill would increase the deficit by $2 trillion over the next decade and overwhelmingly benefit corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund decided to take a deep dive into how Republicans could have repaired the roads and bridges we all drive on in metro areas across the country, and we will be putting out more analysis next week. But we wanted to give a sneak peek by releasing just one district and metro area to give a flavor.

NY-24: Syracuse and surrounding areas

Representative John Katko (R):

· The Syracuse metro area is home to 112 structurally deficient bridges.

· On average, 1,119,076 vehicles drive over these bridges every day.

· It has 1,178 lane miles of roads in need of repair..

· In Syracuse, it would cost $1,343,000,000 to resurface all those roads.

· Instead, $2,881,000,000 was given away to the wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers just in 2019 through the Republican tax bill.

Finally, want to see where those roads in need of repair in Syracuse are located? It’s shocking:

Download this map: PDF/.png

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