Survey Says: Americans Want A Jobs Plan

More Reviews Are In: The American People Want a Jobs Plan

Last week, we showcased some positive reviews of the president’s jobs plan from independent economists. Today, we look at the positive reviews of the plan from the American people.

Here’s the rundown.

What do people care about? J-O-B-S

  • 65 percent told CNN that they’d rather see the president and Congress pay attention to jobs rather than “reducing the budget deficit” (29 percent).
  • 46 percenttold Bloomberg that “unemployment and jobs” are the most important issue facing the country right now, compared to 12 percent who cited the federal deficit and 18 percent who said government spending.

Who do people trust more to deliver on jobs? (Hint: It’s not the Republicans)

The American people overwhelmingly support the elements of the president’s jobs plan

  • 74 percent support using federal funds to put teachers, firefighters, and cops to work.  A second poll found this proposal was supported by 71 percent of Americans.
  • 65 percent support cutting the payroll tax for workers.
  • 64 percent support federal spending to repair our crumbling roads, bridges, and schools.
  • 52 percent support increasing federal aid to unemployed workers.

Americans are ready to let the Bush tax cuts go

IN ONE SENTENCE: We have a jobs crisis, and the American people strongly support the steps the president has proposed to put Americans back to work — including asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share.

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