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Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Retired Union Electrician Is Excited for the Next Generation of Unions
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Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Retired Union Electrician Is Excited for the Next Generation of Unions

A retired union electrician discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act expands apprenticeship opportunities for women.

Marsha Nebel, founder of the Northeast Wisconsin chapter of empowHER
Green Bay, Wisconsin

To meet the clean energy demands of the future, the Inflation Reduction Act aims to expand and diversify the labor pool through workforce development and apprenticeship programs. Such apprenticeship programs helped Marsha Nebel enter the trades and make a stable, middle-class living through her union. Now, she works to help women enter the trades through the organization empowHER. Marsha believes that the Inflation Reduction Act extends more opportunities like the one she had and advances gender equity in the trades.

Marsha Nebel

Marsha Nebel pictured in July 2016. (Photo credit: Marsha Nebel)

There is so much work available in the trades today that we are struggling to fill all of our calls. Here in Green Bay, we currently have 42 first-year electrician apprentices, which is more than we’ve ever had. And by the time the training year starts, I anticipate it’ll be closer to 50. There was a huge solar project happening here in Northeast Wisconsin, and I think we had five women join apprenticeships from that alone. That is just one of many success stories from these investments. Marsha Nebel

With the strong labor protections and incentives of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden administration is ensuring that Americans can create a stable foundation for themselves and their families.

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Americans celebrate how the Inflation Reduction Act has benefited their lives in the year since its passage.

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