The Cost of Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan

  • $9 billion: Mandating detention at the border
  • $25 billion: Building a giant concrete wall
  • $0: Amount Mexico will contribute to the wall
  • $7.5 billion: Maintenance of giant concrete wall
  • $6.6 billion: Tripling the number of ICE deportation officers
  • $60.4 billion: Non-apprehension costs for “aggressive interior enforcement” including, $13.4 billion: Legal processing; $11.3 billion: Transportation; $35.7 billion: Detention
  • 8.6 billion: Increase CBP by 5,000

This, at a time when the federal government already spends more enforcing our immigration laws than all other enforcement combined.

  • $200 billion: Amount we will already spend over the next 10 years on ICE and CBP alone under current law, more than we spend on all other enforcement combined.
  • 1600%: Increase in immigration enforcement spending since the mid-1980s.
  • 200%: Increase in the number of border agents since 2002.

Here’s what else we could spend $117 billion on:

  • 7,191 new elementary schools
  • 214,482 new teachers hired and paid for a decade
  • 1,212,435 students to attend a 4-year public school

Trump’s mass deportation plan could reduce GDP by nearly $5 trillion.

Trump’s mass deportation plan could contribute to the loss of nearly 3.5 million jobs over the next four years.

  • Nearly 3.5 million jobs: According to Moody’s, Trump’s immigration policies would contribute to the loss of nearly 3.5 million jobs over the next four years

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