The Cover-up Wars

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Kushner: Russian attack on 2016 election “a couple Facebook ads”

Even substantially redacted, the Mueller report makes clear that 1) Russia launched a full-scale attack on our democracy, 2) Trump and his team knew and eagerly embraced Russia’s help, and 3) Trump repeatedly tried to obstruct justice.

Trump and his cronies are continuing the three-year disinformation campaign that Mueller exposed. On deck today: Jared Kushner, who falsely dismissed the 2016 Russian election attack as just “a couple Facebook ads.”

Don’t let Trump and Kushner get away with their dangerous lies. Share this video to hold them accountable:

Here’s what Republicans are doing to cover up Trump’s collusion and corruption:

  • Kushner is publicly downplaying Russia’s attack on our democracy—an attack the Trump campaign knew about and was receptive to, per the redacted Mueller report.
  • Senate Majority Leader McConnell refuses to allow a vote in the Senate on Russian corruption or Mueller report transparency. Maybe that’s because his home state of Kentucky is benefiting big time from a deal with a Russian company whose sanctions he helped lift. The previous majority owner of that company is a Putin ally and was a key player in the Mueller report.
  • The Mueller report specifically calls out GOP Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr for backchanneling with Trump on efforts to undermine the investigation, just like his House Intelligence counterpart Devin Nunes.

In contrast, this is what Democrats are doing to hold Trump accountable:

  • The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress. McGahn is featured prominently in the redacted Mueller report—mostly for ignoring Trump’s directions to obstruct justice and fire Mueller.
  • House Judiciary subpoenaed the full Mueller report and all underlying materials to be delivered to Congress by May 1.
  • House Democrats are also calling on Mueller to testify himself.

One party is defending a president who not only tried to cover up an attack on the United States by a hostile foreign power but welcomed it all along. The other is bringing corruption to light so that the American people can hold our leaders accountable.

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