The Patriotism of Resistance.

In the Donald Trump era, a record-low 47% of adults say they’re “extremely proud” to be American, down from 57% five years ago. With a President who embraces dictators over allies, works for his own benefit instead of his citzens’, who punishes women, families, and children for political points, it is a dark hour for America.

But this darkness has also bred patriotic resistance. 1 in 5 Americans have protested or rallied since the start of 2016. 1 of every 5 participants had never been part of an event before.

So today, on the eve of the celebration of our country’s independence, we celebrate the past 18 months of exercising our rights to dissent—of standing up for our neighbors and friends and demanding a higher standard of decency in the United States.

The Women’s March

Defense of Health Care

Victory for Decency in Alabama

March for Our Lives

Widespread support of immigrant families


Big polluter handmaidens like EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt like to argue that if we just indulge their corruption to let Big Oil do whatever they want, we’ll all reap the rewards with falling gas prices. And yet, ahead of the 4th of July, gas prices have soared, hitting a 4-year high. That’s particularly problematic since Pruitt has also rolled back common sense clean car standards that save us money at the gas pump and provide lifesaving health protections.

Maybe Pruitt’s compulsive corruption hasn’t trickled down to you yet because’s it’s all going safely in his own pockets. Just in the past two weeks, there have been dozens of new Pruitt scandals revealed:

  • Pruitt and his top aides kept a secret calendar to hide controversial meetings with industry.
  • Pruitt repeatedly asked junior staff to pay for hotels on their personal credit cards and would not reimburse them.
  • Pruitt asked one of his top aides to help find his wife a job and negotiate a six-figure salary.

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