The Republicans’ Biggest Obsession

GOP Focused on Old Battles, Not Moving America Forward

As we discussed Friday, the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Obamacare has really thrown Republicans for a loop. Things didn’t get any better over the weekend. Instead of moving on and working to move the country forward, Republicans are continuing to obsess over taking away people’s health care. They don’t seem to have a coherent strategy or a plan to match their obsession — just a commitment to turn health care back over to the insurance companies at the expense of jobs or our economy.

Here’s the rundown on the GOP’s all-over-the-map behavior on health care.
  • VOTE TO TAKE AWAY POPULAR BENEFITS, AGAIN: After Thursday’s ruling, Republicans immediately announced that next week they’ll once again vote to put the insurance companies back in control, take away health coverage from more than 30 million Americans, and rescind popular benefits that millions of young Americans, seniors, and children with pre-existing conditions, among others, are already experiencing. It seems that Republicans want to waste time re-fighting old battles instead of working on jobs or the economy.
  • LEAVE TENS OF MILLIONS WITHOUT INSURANCE: Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) admitted yesterday that, for Republicans, providing health care to the uninsured “is not the issue.”
  • THROW OUT THE POPULAR PARTS TOO: Meanwhile, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says he won’t countenance any talk of keeping even the wildly popular parts of Obamacare, adding, “it’s all or none.”

Special note to Republicans: according to today’s Kaiser poll, 56 percent of people are ready for Republicans to stop trying to block the health care law’s implementation and move on.

Watch this space tomorrow for more on the other issues that Republicans obsess over instead of working on jobs or the economy.

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