Trumped Up Trickle Down

Today, President Trump will be in Springfield, Missouri to launch his campaign to reform the tax code. Although Trump “won’t be diving deep into details,” there are some things we already know. His proposal will include large tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthiest Americans – including a special new loophole for millionaire business owners like Trump himself – which will increase the deficit and put other key programs at risk, such as Social Security and funding for education and the environment. Trump is expected to claim that his plan represents relief for the middle class, and that the tax cuts will largely pay for themselves.

Both of these claims are false. Cutting crucial programs that provide much-needed resources to families across the country is not relief for the middle-class. Families rely on clean air and water, affordable health care, and a quality education system to thrive. And the myth of tax cuts paying for themselves is just that—a myth. Tax cuts for the richest among us doesn’t create more jobs, as the Reagan and Bush-era tax policies proved, and corporations already contribute a smaller share of overall U.S. revenue than in other countries.

To fight back against more tax cuts for the rich, a group of progressive organizations have launched the #NotOnePenny campaign. To push back against the plan to use budget cuts to pay for these gifts to millionaires and corporations, check out the #HandsOff campaign, and share your story today.


#DefendDACA. News outlets are reporting that Trump could eliminate DACA any day. DACA is a popular program, and it has gained approval from across the political spectrum. (Watch our video of GOP legislators praising dreamers.) Not only does it provide opportunity and protection for nearly 1 million young immigrants, but it also has a significant, positive impact on our economy. Share the graphic below, which shows the how much states stand to lose if DACA is repealed.

Then, hold your member of Congress accountable! Use this easy tool to call key elected officials, and urge them to defend DACA. You can also call your own representative here. And if you’re in New York, join the March to #DefendDACA at 5pm in Columbus Circle.


Hurricane Harvey. Harvey, now a tropical storm, has turned its attention to Louisiana, even as it continues to flood Texas with record-breaking amounts of rain. Despite making landfall five days ago, this storm is not stopping yet. It has taken the lives of at least 22 people and has left a path of destruction in its wake. To find out how you can help the victims of Harvey, check out this list here.

Child Care Deserts. The Center for American Progress has a new report that maps child care deserts—or places with a severe shortage of licensed child care—in America. Child care deserts tend to be found in rural areas, and they disproportionately impact Latino and Native American populations. To find out more, check out the full report, as well as an interactive map, here.

Mind the Gap. The Trump administration continued its attack on Obama-era policies by stopping a plan to require certain business owners to report how much they pay workers, to determine if there were differences based on gender and race. The administration claimed the requirement was “unnecessarily burdensome.” Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, supported the move, stating, “Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good…the proposed policy would not yield the intended results.” Unfortunately, if Ivanka wants to positively impact women in the workplace, these are exactly the kinds of policies she should be supporting.

#TakeThemDown. Since the horrific violence in Charlottesville, cities across the country have taken steps to remove confederate symbols from their public spaces. However, some officials are facing major obstacles—both “bureaucratic and legal”—to taking these statues down. But complicated laws and processes should not stop the effort altogether. Keep the pressure on local officials to #TakeThemDown using this easy tool.

Sanctuary Cities. Ed Gillespie, who is running against Ralph Northam in the Virginia governor race, released an ad attacking Northam for supporting sanctuary cities, which the ad calls “risky policies.” But the truth is that sanctuary cities actually make citizens safer, by providing a safe space for immigrants to report crimes. Gillespie is playing to Trump, his base, and white supremacists who continue to spread lies about immigrants.


Sexual Assault. Buzzfeed reports that the current head of the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, Candice Jackson, is considering repealing a “2011 directive that lays out the Title IX guidelines that schools must follow when a student reports a sexual assault on campus.” This confirms many peoples’ fears that the Trump administration will roll back protections for sexual assault survivors, especially on college campuses. It comes as no surprise however, as Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has repeatedly refused to commit to advocating for these survivors and even met with “men’s rights groups” for advice on this issue.

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