Trump’s hatred trickles down.

Here’s the state of play on day 32 of the #TrumpShutdown:

  • Over the weekend, President Trump offered up a sham deal to reopen the government just to be able to say that he laid a “compromise” on the table.


In Trump’s America, bigotry and racism are not only accepted—they are encouraged. Hatred and conflict are Trump’s chosen currency. We saw a physical manifestation of this over the weekend.

The nation was captured by footage of a group of white students in MAGA hats coming face-to-face with a Native American tribal elder and veteran named Nathan Phillips.

  • While there are competing narratives about the context of the confrontation, one thing is unavoidable: The chilling image of the students’ disrespect for an elderly Native American veteran is symptomatic of Trump’s America.
  • The MAGA hats are more than a political statement—they are a symbol of Trump’s influence on young Americans. The President of the United States has condoned and modeled behavior that is disrespectful, hateful, and misogynistic, all in an effort to inflame divisions in our society. It’s no wonder youth and adults alike are emulating his behavior.
  • We must be careful not to forget our nation’s history. The images from this weekend are eerily similar to those that came to characterize white resistance to civil and human rights. Trump is stoking a resurgence of white supremacy.

The irony of this interaction occurring on MLK Weekend is inescapable. This weekend should have been a remembrance of Dr. King’s legacy and sacrifice, his commitment to a peaceful Civil Rights Movement, and a time to reflect on our shared values and equality.

Instead, the President and Republican lawmakers in Congress spent the weekend stoking division on Twitter and refusing to pay federal employees until taxpayers can be forced to pay for a wall symbolizing racism and xenophobia. That behavior is the opposite of what King sacrificed his life for: fair pay, racial equity, and full inclusion in the American dream.

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