Undermine Family Economic Security

Working families in the United States are feeling increasingly squeezed by rising costs and stagnating wages.

From 2000 to 2012, the main costs associated with supporting a family — health care, child care, college tuition, housing, and retirement costs — have increased $10,600, on average. And quality child care now costs more than the median rent in every state.

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Families need policies like guaranteed paid sick days, guaranteed paid leave, equal pay, and improved access to quality, affordable childcare to thrive. But the GOP presidential candidates have failed to address the drivers of family economic insecurity and all of the contenders oppose comprehensive paid leave legislation.

Quick Facts:

  • Child care for a family with an infant and a toddler per year costs more than median rent in every state. TWEET
  • Child care costs more than college in 28 states and DC. TWEET
  • 88 percent of Americans believe access to child care and pre-k is a necessity, not a luxury, for working families. TWEET
  • Everyone gets sick — but 39% of private-sector workers lack paid sick leave, which workers need to recover from illness or take care of sick kids. TWEET
  • 47% of workers in Florida lack even one paid sick day. TWEET
  • Women in the US only earn 79 cents to the dollar compared with men, and the disparities are even larger for women of color. TWEET
  • Only 12% of workers in the US have access to paid family leave through their employers. TWEET
  • About 40% of US workers do not even have access to unpaid, job protected leave — and many of those who have it can’t afford to take it. TWEET
  • Women who take paid leave are 54% more likely to get raises in the year after having a child than women don’t have it. TWEET

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