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Urge Senate Republicans To Stand Up To Hate. #DumpBannon

Urge Senate Republicans To Stand Up To Hate. #DumpBannon

SOURCE: (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

President-elect Trump has chosen Steve Bannon, a white nationalist, anti-Semite, misogynist as his “Chief Strategist.” Bannon is the former CEO of the alt-Right publication Breitbart News, where some of his headlines include “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and “Political Correctness Protects Muslim Rape Culture.”

We’ve long known about Bannon’s history of anti-Semitism, mysoginy, Islamophobia and close relationships with white nationalists. Now, there’s a new revelation.

According to former Bannon aide Julia Jones, Bannon would discuss “genetic superiority” and even “once mused about the desirability of limiting the vote to property owners.” When Jones pointed out that such a standard would “exclude a lot of African Americans,” he responded, “maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”

Since white people are more likely to own property than minority populations, the white share of the eligible voters would increase by 8 percent. Using Census data, the Center for American Progress Action Fund estimates that the share of eligible minority voters would decrease substantially:

  • If Bannon had his way and only property owners were allowed to vote, the share of African American voters within the voter pool would decrease by 29 percent.
  • If Bannon had his way and only property owners were allowed to vote, the share of Latino voters within the voter pool would decrease by 17 percent.
  • If Bannon had his way and only property owners were allowed to vote, the share of Millennial voters within the voter pool would decrease by 25 percent.

Republican leadership has a responsibility to stand up to Bannon’s bigotry and hate and call on Trump to #DumpBannon. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call your Senator or Representative and ask them to demand that Trump #DumpBannon and ask them if they agree with Bannon’s suggestion of limiting voting to property owners.
  2. Tweet the corresponding image to each Senator using their Twitter handle and #DumpBannon. Ask them if they agree with Bannon’s suggestion of limiting voting to property owners.
  3. Share the corresponding image on Facebook, tagging each Senator and using #DumpBannon.
  4. Email your Senator or Representative and ask them to demand that Trump #DumpBannon.

Why Americans are demanding that Trump #DumpBannon.

@llittlejr: Because all you bigots you must go! #WeThePeople (Seattle, WA)

@nonintuitive: because a senior advisor shouldn’t be the executive chair of *any* media company, let alone one that spreads hate!

@Mfairo: because he is a white supremacist who has no business in the White House period! (Philadelphia, PA)

@jeffk890: He is an evil white nationalist monster. #DumpBannon

@dpcesqtex: Dump Brannon because he is a nasty, divisive force we do not need. (Dallas TX)

@nycmaggie: Hate is not a strategy (NYC, NY)

@JimmieBrandan: white supremacy, anti-diversity, anti-American. (Seattle, WA.)

@Iamwhoismoses: Because I fear for the safety of of my non-white, my non-Christian, my Jewish, my Muslim, and my marginalized brothers & sisters #DumpBannon (Oklahoma City, OK)

@chinagrrljoan: because white supremacists have no place in government. (Santa Barbara, CA)

@TaberleeR: legislating rascism, which he supremacy, and misogyny should not be the job of the Chief Strategist. (Taylorsville, Utah.)

@seanwalker16: I want to #DumpBannon because the bill of rights applies to all citizens. All the time.

@danieljonce: I don’t want a mouthpiece for the alt-right as a paid advisor to the face of my country. #DumpBannon

@NakulMPande: #DumpBannon — because ‘all are created equal’ is the greatest founding statement in history. Time to live up to it.

@missjackson75: Racism has no place in America. And Minneapolis is PROUD to be a sanctuary city!

@BerntsenSabrina: I don’t want a man who propagates such fervent, baseless animosity towards minorities influencing U.S. policy. (Sterling, VA)

@sharpetax: #DumpBannon because he’s a racist and should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

@imhenrysmommy: Because white supremacy has no business in the WH (or anywhere) #DumpBannon (Houston, TX)

@aboutchuckb: #DumpBannon President must govern all people uphold law but also civil & human rights not normalize hate and bigotry! (Salt Lake City, UT)

@AWDubreuil: I want Trump to #DumpBannon because Donald says he will help everyone and Bannon has demonstrated he does not respect all people (Charlotte, NC)

@BtwnThesePages: my grandfather was off Utah Beach on D-Day. He didn’t serve so a fascist could have the president’s ear. (New York, New York)

@Darling_Valley: because we are all human beings, and he, for whatever reason, still does not recognize that in the 21st century.

@alexkfreeman: I’m in kansas city and i oppose Bannon because I have self-respect and don’t believe anyone should face blatant discrimination. (Kansas City, Kansas)

@cecimartin: because it’s scary enough that DT was elected to lead us, we don’t need a bigot in the White House also (Highland, CA)

@manamitru: Bc I swore #NeverAgain & Bannon is all things wrong with this world. (PA)

@mommytrish2010: he is the exact opposite of what America stands for. #DumpBannon (NY)

@LoveAll1960: Anti-semitic, racially divisve, misogynistic, white nationalism. We don’t want or need any of that. (Dallas, TX)

@DropForgeBishop: because my girlfriend is brown and scared to go out in public. She still does, because she’s more brave than anyone I know (Chicago, IL)

@leslieo54: #DumpBannon bc no one who thinks one group is inherently better or worse than others should have ear of POTUS (Hawaii)

@jimrin: People did not vote for Alt-right to make policy decisions in US. (Dallas, TX)

@lolashoes: No Bannon. We need to actively COMBAT — not encourage — racism, xenophobia, misogyny & conspiracy theories. (Orange County, CA)

@rshortsweather: a mouthpiece for hate should not have the ear of the president. #DumpBannon (Newark, DE)

@nickymacwhorter: i want trump to #DumpBannon bc an antisemite white supremacist doesn’t deserve power in a land of liberty+justice for all (LA, CA)

@BtwnThesePages: I met 2 WWII vets the other day. One told me he lost his brother in the war. Those lives cannot have been lost in vain.

@crosstownbob: #DumpBannon He’s an anti-semite, white supremacist and a purveyor of misinformation. I’m in Atl GA. #thisMachineKillsFascists (Atlanta, GA)

@Disney_luvver: #DumpBannon because he is NOT a unifying force.

@suzanneenzerink: #DumpBannon bc anyone in public office should work FOR the people and protect them, not work AGAINST them and harm them.

@42inLa: #DumpBannon because we should never again have a white nationalist in the West Wing. (LA, CA)

@JanineLanza: Steve Bannon is a white nationalist. That kind of racism should not be tolerated in the executive branch. (Grosse Pointe, MI)

@MaineXavier: #DumpBannon because the US is no place forbignorance and hate (Florida)

@lesliemp_: #DumpBannon bc we don’t need to set civil rights back 50 years We need to fight racism, sexism,xenophobia not endorse (Gray, TN)

@MaineXavier: #DumpBannon The US is no place for ignorance and hate. (FL)

@wilcocarla: I want Trump to #DumpBannon because I am a Jew-by-choice, and Bannon is an anti-Semite-by-choice. (Indianapolis, IN)

@hunnybun100: I want to dump bannon because he’s a white supremacist who doesn’t believe in a diverse USA. (Seattle, WA)

@kristasup: #DumpBannon because the thought of he & his hate in the White House is terrifying (MN)

@MichaelMoody10: #DumpBannon because he cannot be trusted to advise the President in any way that would benefit ALL Americans. (Toms River, NJ)

@davisdreamers: because we can not bring our country together and stop hate crimes with a white supremist near the white house

@kim_zep: #DumpBannon cuz he is a threat to multiculturalism, he will tear us further apart. We must not go backwards.

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