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Wanted: An Attorney General that Can Just Say “NO”

Wanted: An Attorney General that Can Just Say “NO”

Restore the Rule of Law in America

Before the Senate consents to the president's nominee for attorney general, we need to know if the nominee will stand up to the White House.

To pre-empt President Bush’s announcement nominating a new Attorney General, Think Progress and External Affairs teamed up to run a campaign mobilizing activists to ask their senators to ask a series of questions regarding whether they would have said "no" to several controversial policies that Alberto Gonzales said “yes” to. The goal of the campaign was to ensure that the new attorney general has the fortitude and judgment to stand up to the White House when they request approval for illegal activities. To spread the word, we used an action webpage for sending messages to senators, with the Think Progress branding, a blog post on Think Progress laying out the case for the action, and e-mails encouraging our activists to take action.

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