Why are YOU Paying to Ship Jobs Overseas?

GOP Doubles Down in Favor of Outsourcing, Against American Workers

Did you know that you’re actually paying to ship American jobs overseas? It’s shocking but true. Thanks to a broken tax code that’s rigged in favor of the privileged few, companies actually get a tax break when they ship operations — and American jobs — to other countries. They get a deduction and the rest of us foot the bill.

Asking middle class workers to pay to ship their own jobs overseas? That’s just crazy.

Crazier still?

Today, Republicans in the Senate voted almost unanimously to protect these outrageous giveaways to corporations that ship American jobs overseas. The bill got a 56-vote majority, but Republicans used a filibuster to kill it. The Bring Jobs Home Act would do two things:

  • Abolish tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas
  • Create new tax incentives that reward companies for that bring jobs home to America

Aside from apparently being in favor of rewarding companies for shipping American jobs overseas, why would Republicans do this?

Two words: Grover Norquist. Almost every single Senate Republican has promised this Washington lobbyist that they will never, ever raise taxes or end a single giveaway to special interests. And not only has Mitt Romney signed this same pledge to a lobbyist, he wants to give companies even more incentives to create jobs in other countries instead of here in America.

Today’s vote shows you just how far Republicans will go to protect tax giveaways to the wealthy and special interests. It also shows why we need to fix our tax code so it helps build an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few and their lobbyists.

IN ONE SENTENCE: Today, Republicans once again chose to side with companies who ship jobs overseas instead of with American workers and companies that bring jobs back home to America.

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