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: Climate and Clean Energy: Why Young Americans Are Taking Notice and Taking Action
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Climate and Clean Energy: Why Young Americans Are Taking Notice and Taking Action

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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Young Americans make up more than one-third of potential eligible voters in 2016, surpassing the size and potential political influence of Baby Boomers. Across the country, candidates, political organizations, and political experts are paying close attention to this key demographic and to the issues they care about most—including climate change and clean energy.

Overwhelmingly, young Americans want candidates who offer concrete plans to tackle climate change and accelerate America’s transition to a clean energy economy. Millions of young people across the country are already making their voices heard—organizing campus campaigns, building a diverse coalition of student leaders, and letting politicians know where they stand. Many elected officials are already taking notice—particularly at the state level, where governors are leading the way on clean energy to grow their economies and create jobs. Polls confirm the emerging movement we see on the ground, and it’s clear that our leaders will have to embrace clean energy if they want to engage young people in the political conversation.

Please join the Center for American Progress and NextGen Climate for a conversation with political experts, youth leaders, and two governors who are leading the transition to clean energy to discuss the widespread implications of climate change and the economic potential of transitioning to clean energy—and how these issues tie directly to the political involvement and priorities of young Americans at the state and national levels.