Past Event

Combating Catastrophic Terror

A Security Strategy for the Nation

12:30 PM - 2:00 AM EDT

The United States needs a comprehensive long-term strategy to fight the greatest threat to the American people: violent extremists who, often in the name of Islam, seek to use catastrophic terror to achieve their goals. Is America ready for this threat? Specifically, do we have the right policies and structures in place to fight terrorism and to secure the homeland? Are we on the right track or the wrong track when it comes to this key national security challenge? A panel of experts will present and discuss Combating Catastrophic Terror A Security Strategy for the Nation, a new report that provides answers to these questions and sets out a comprehensive, integrated approach to the greatest threat Americans face. The report was formed in response to requests from Congressional leaders and came together over several months. It offers members of Congress and officials at the local, state and national levels a clear understanding of the threat and the stakes — and specific recommendations for a new counterterrorism strategy.