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: Next Up, Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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Next Up, Comprehensive Immigration Reform

How We Will Make It Happen

12:00 - 1:30 PM EST

For years, politicians have left the problems of a badly broken immigration system to fester and grow. In 2006 and again in 2008, voters sent a clear message to Washington: if you don’t lead, you lose.

During his candidacy and his first year in office, President Obama repeatedly promised to overhaul immigration early in his first term. The fastest growing new voting demographic, Latino voters—who flipped four states from red to blue in 2008—fully expect President Obama to keep that promise and work with Congressional leaders to advance immigration reform this year.

Opinion polls consistently show strong support for comprehensive reform among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike, because it is a practical solution that generates revenue, protects workers and honest employers, and restores fairness to a system in crisis.

Please join CAPAF’s Internet Advocacy Roundtable, Netroots Nation, and America’s Voice for a lively panel discussion about the policy and politics of immigration reform led by Nico Pitney, National Editor ofThe Huffington Post . The event will be kick off with remarks by Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL), who recently introduced comprehensive immigration reform legislation, H.R. 4321, into the U.S. House of Representatives.