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: The Health Care Crisis: The Need for Reform
Past Event

The Health Care Crisis: The Need for Reform

7:00 - 8:30 PM EDT

The American health care system is in crisis – almost 46 million Americans live without health insurance, while families with health care coverage, and employers who provide coverage to their workers, struggle to cope with rapidly rising insurance costs. Over the past five years, health insurance premiums have risen five times faster than wages, affecting wage growth, pension viability, and business development. Most importantly, workers and their families are losing coverage, facing higher costs, and experiencing greater insecurity. The problems in our health care system cut across American society, from American businesses, to families, to communities. Our nation faces the challenge of assuring affordable health care for all Americans, controlling health care costs and improving quality of care. Please join Dr. Henry Simmons and Mary Caferro for a discussion of Montana health care issues and national health care reform.

The Neighborhood Center
200 S. Cruse
Helena, MT 59601
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