Remembering Justice Ginsburg, and Former Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt on the Future of Health Care

This week on "The Tent," Jesse and Ed discuss Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's tragic passing and speak with former Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acting administrator Andy Slavitt about the precarious state of the Affordable Care Act and the federal government's lackluster response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Democracy 2015: A Year in Review

This past year has seen democracy issues take center stage in the national debate. Unfortunately, while many state policymakers have capitalized on nationwide momentum for reform, some leaders continue to advance an agenda that takes their state in the wrong direction.


The Health of State Democracies

A state-by-state analysis and scorecard of the varied experiences of democracy in states and a series of policy recommendations illustrate how states can better serve their citizens.


The Academy Awards of Voter Suppression

There are unfortunately many worthy candidates vying for recognition when it comes to denying access to the ballot box, but this year’s awards go to the individuals and groups that stand out from all the rest.


Unequal Access

A county-by-county analysis of election administration in 2012 swing states reveals that, within each state, wide disparities in voting accessibility existed.


Explore the Data: Unequal Access

These interactive tables accompany the report “Unequal Access: A County-by-County Analysis of Election Administration in Swing States in the 2012 Election."