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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Action Experts on Election Results and Priorities for the President’s Next Term
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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Action Experts on Election Results and Priorities for the President’s Next Term

Washington, D.C.—Today, the following CAP Action experts with a wide range of issue expertise reacted to the presidential election results and are available for comment on the impact President Obama’s victory will have over the next four years.

Economic Policy

  • Neera Tanden, Counselor for the Center for American Progress Action Fund: “As we look forward to the critical issues Washington faces, this election was a decisive mandate for a fair tax system where the wealthy contribute to address our deficit challenges.  No issue was more litigated in the campaign than a fairer tax system and Americans will expect real action on this and other important priorities.”
  • Tom Perriello, President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund: “This election represents the emergence of a new middle class populism based on new coalition of resurgent Midwest manufacturers, working women, Latinos and families struggling to fighting for the American dream. As Republicans consider a strategy for holding the House in 2014, they would be wise to learn two lessons from today –the middle class mainstream is populist on economics, and voters will reward results more than rhetoric.”
  • Michael Ettlinger, Vice President, Economic Policy: “It’s time to stop all the political maneuvering and take the necessary steps to boost our economy, but if Congress and President Barack Obama can get past the bitterness of the campaign and focus on what voters sent them to Washington to do, then there’s every reason for hope. “

Energy and Climate

  • Daniel J. Weiss, Senior Fellow and Director of Climate Strategy: “President Obama’s victory means he can continue to reduce pollution to protect Americans’ health. It is imperative that the president continue to attack climate change by using his executive authority to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants and other industrial sources.”

Women’s Issues

  • Tara McGuinness, Executive Director for CAP Action: “The election of this Congress and the second term for President Obama were determined directly by the decisions of American women.  Our voices decided the election our vision – for the country, our families and futures should be at the center of the governing agenda.  If conservatives hope to regain the trust of more than half of Americas voters (American women) they will have to surrender their radical positions on issues that affect the lives of women and families across the country.”


  • Angela M. Kelley, Vice President for Immigration Policy: “One indisputable lesson from November 6 is that the road to the White House ran through the “barrio.” Latino voters punched above their weight, paved the way for President Obama’s second term, and played a key role in races like the Virginia Senate contest. Last night a record breaking number of Latinos turned out to vote and a stunning 75 percent supported President Obama.”

LGBT Policy

  • Winnie Stachelberg, Executive Vice President, External Affairs: “President Obama’s consistent support for LGBT right—including marriage equality, a federal hate crimes law, and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell—was viewed by some as a political liability. His victory last night as well as across-the-board wins on state marriage-equality ballot initiatives are a clear indicator of just how far our country has come in the past four years. This election cycle demonstrates that fairness and equality for LGBT people has taken its place as an American value.”


  • Cynthia Brown, Vice President for Education Policy: “President Obama’s victory is a victory for students in this country.  The President should focus his second term on making high-quality preschool available to all children, on improving teacher preparation through stronger accountability, on using competitive programs to drive reform in states and districts, and on learning from state waivers from No Child Left Behind to inform an eventual reauthorization.”


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Economy, Education, and Health Care

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Energy, Immigration, Foreign policy and security, LGBT Policy

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