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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Action’s Cynthia Brown on Election’s Impact on Education
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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Action’s Cynthia Brown on Election’s Impact on Education

Washington, D.C. — CAP Action’s Cynthia G. Brown, Vice President for Education Policy, will be available to comment on the impact the presidential election will have on the K-12 education system in America.

According to analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, President Barack Obama has made unprecedented investments in education, launching at least five new programs that turn around failing schools, tackle poverty in school neighborhoods, scale up innovative programs, and enhance state and district systems. Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has pledged to turn federal funds into vouchers that can be used in private schools, would weaken accountability provisions that protect disadvantaged students, and has waffled on whether he would cut federal education funding.

“The stakes are high for students, and the contrast is clear,” said Brown. “If Obama wins, he should focus his second term on making high-quality preschool available to all children, on improving teacher preparation through stronger accountability, on using competitive programs to drive reform in states and districts, and on learning from state waivers from No Child Left Behind to inform an eventual reauthorization.”

“If Gov. Romney wins, he should get serious on education,” Brown continued. “He rarely talks about it on the campaign trail, and his education plan is missing a lot of detail. We know very little about what he would actually do as president when it comes to education.”

To speak with Cynthia Brown, please contact Katie Peters at [email protected] or 202.741.6285.

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