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President Bush, Republican Leaders Block Global Warming Bill
Press Release

President Bush, Republican Leaders Block Global Warming Bill

Statement of Daniel J. Weiss, Senior Fellow and Director of Climate Strategy

Washington, DC – Once again President Bush acted as big-oil lobbyist in chief to help block debate over the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act S. 3036.

Despite his opposition, and millions of dollars of campaign cash from oil, coal and other interests, this bill got the most support ever for a global warming bill. This occurred due to the vigorous leadership from Senators Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer.

At the last minute, Senator John McCain issued support for cloture, but at a price: billions of dollars for nuclear pork, and zero assistance for American families. He did nothing to convince President Bush or Senate Republican leaders to end their obstruction.

The missing ingredient for solving global warming is consistent presidential leadership, which should begin on Inauguration Day 2009. Our economy and planet can’t wait much longer.