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RELEASE: California’s Proposition 23 Is Bad News for Latino Families
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RELEASE: California’s Proposition 23 Is Bad News for Latino Families

Proposition 23 would lead to more pollution and less job opportunities for Latinos if passed

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By Jorge Madrid

The upcoming November election contains a ballot initiative that will threaten all Californians’ health and safety. But the Latino community will suffer disproportionate harm. Proposition 23 will undo California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, also known as Assembly Bill 32, or “A.B. 32,” which has catalyzed billions of dollars in private sector investment in clean energy in the state—creating jobs, businesses, and new technologies that are leading the nation toward a cleaner energy future. Repealing A.B. 32 will make it easier for the worst polluters to continue poisoning Latino communities, exacerbate unemployment in industries where Latinos are already suffering, and weaken opportunities for jobs and wealth building for Latinos in the green economy.

The dirty forces behind Proposition 23 are masking their efforts as “job promotion.” But California’s Latino families should not be fooled. These families have a strong tradition of standing up for the health and safety of their children and communities—especially against environmental threats. They should keep that tradition alive and vote “no” on Proposition 23.

Among the reasons Latinos should oppose Proposition 23 include: (click here for the full explanations)

  • California Latinos are already the most at-risk
  • Proposition 23 will cost Latinos more than their health
  • The initiative makes Latinos’ job situation worse
  • Proposition 23 sponsors would add insult to injury
  • Latino leaders reject Proposition 23

Proposition 23 is all pain and no gain for Latino families. Latinos are already one of the most at-risk populations in California for environmental hazards largely due to the polluting of companies like Tesoro and Valero. These companies are seeking to increase their profits by poisoning more Californians, particularly Latinos.

Proponents of Proposition 23 are disguising it as a job-protecting initiative, but in reality it will hurt the state’s economy by reducing jobs, curbing investment in clean energy, and increasing the cost of electricity.

Latino families should reject this dirty air initiative and vote “no” on Proposition 23 for these reasons.

Jorge Madrid is a Research Associate at American Progress Action.

Read the full column here.