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RELEASE: CAP Action Announces the ‘True Cost of Romney’ Tour
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RELEASE: CAP Action Announces the ‘True Cost of Romney’ Tour

Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress Action Fund launched  Romney University this summer to inject facts and policy into the national debate. Over the next several weeks, CAP Action will take this information to the states as part of the “True Cost of Romney” tour.  The tour will take a close look at the costs each American will pay for Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) policies that ask the middle class to pay more so the wealthiest Americans and huge corporations can pay less.

Today, CAP Action is on the road in Ohio with a series of events and forums across the state aimed at providing policymakers, opinion makers, and the public with the facts behind Gov. Romney’s policy proposals and the real impact those policies would have for Ohioans.

“Facts should matter in elections, because for families just trying to live the American Dream the costs of this election are clear, quantifiable and in some cases catastrophic. Independent experts confirm that the Romney-Ryan plan asks the middle class to pay higher taxes, tuitions, and retirement costs to pay for over a trillion dollars of tax breaks for the billionaires and oil companies ‘investing’ in their campaign,” said Tom Perriello, President and CEO of the CAP Action. “The Romney-Ryan plan rigs the economy for the most powerful and asks the middle class to pick up the tab. We are eager to travel Main Streets across America with a just-the-facts tour that is not about the personalities on the ticket but the practical impacts at the kitchen table of what these candidates propose.”

The “True Cost of Romney” tour will highlight expert analyses of the Romney-Ryan economic plan, as well as key facts about other issues, including health care, energy, and women’s health and economic security. These previously released national policy papers will be supplemented with state-level analyses highlighting the true costs of a Romney-Ryan presidency for the residents of each state on the tour.

CAP Action kicked off the tour earlier this summer in Virginia and Massachusetts, with events in Richmond, Williamsburg and Norfolk, and Boston.

Upcoming events are scheduled in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Nevada, and other states are due to be added to the tour in the weeks ahead.

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