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RELEASE: CAP Action Memo: The Trump Administration’s Broken Promises to Ohio Working Families
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RELEASE: CAP Action Memo: The Trump Administration’s Broken Promises to Ohio Working Families

Washington, D.C. — Today, President Donald Trump will visit Cincinnati, Ohio, amid increasing concerns about the manufacturing sector faltering in the Midwest. President Trump has frequently promised Ohio families that he would be a champion for working families and “the forgotten man and woman,” that his administration would increase wages, lower the costs of prescription drugs, provide affordable health care, and protect insurance for people with preexisting conditions. In reality, his administration has failed to deliver on these promises—siding with drug companies over people with preexisting conditions as drug prices increase and signing a major tax bill that rewarded companies for moving jobs overseas. 

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Four facts on the Trump administration’s policy record in Ohio:

Manufacturing jobs  


  • Trump promised Ohio, “I will bring the auto jobs back to America and keep your remaining auto jobs in Ohio.”


  • Just yesterday, after cutting the interest rate for the first time since the Great Recession, Trump-appointed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that “the manufacturing and business investment part of the economy is not growing very much.”
  • In fact, manufacturing in the midwest is reportedly “in contraction.”
  • Trump promised to save manufacturing jobs in Ohio. Instead, he gave car companies a massive tax break and incentives to ship jobs overseas. As plants keep closing, workers are paying the price.
  • Despite raking in billions in profits from Trump’s tax cut, General Motors is closing its Lordstown, Ohio, plant this year, leaving autoworkers like Nanette jobless and costing the community up to 16,000 jobs.

Health care


  • Trump promised Ohio, “You’re going to have great health care at a fraction of the cost.”


  • The Trump administration launched an all-out attack on health care by trying to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In Ohio: 
    • 4.8 million Ohioans with preexisting conditions will lose protections under ACA repeal.
    • 741,000 Ohioans will lose their health coverage under ACA repeal.
    • $2,210 is the annual premium increase for the average Ohio family.

Profits and wages 


  • Trump promised Ohio workers, “My economic plan is going to grow this economy, raise your wages.”


  • The Trump administration has taken away safeguards that ensure workers are paid overtime, protect retirees from exploitative financial advisers, and ensure that people pay less at the gas pump. In Ohio: 



  • Trump promised Ohio workers, “We will massively cut taxes for the middle class.”


  • Most of the Trump administration’s $2 trillion tax cut goes to corporations and the rich. Many Ohio families are getting stuck with the bill.
    • 394,770 Ohio families paid more in taxes last year due to Trump’s tax bill.
    • The average tax cut for the wealthiest 1 percent in Ohio is $47,510.
    • The average tax cut for the bottom 80 percent in Ohio is $625.


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