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RELEASE: CAP Action’s Resist Campaign Launches, Receives Thousands of Testimonies from Americans Enrolled and Against ACA Repeal
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RELEASE: CAP Action’s Resist Campaign Launches, Receives Thousands of Testimonies from Americans Enrolled and Against ACA Repeal

Washington, D.C. — In just days, Congress may take steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, without a viable and comprehensive replacement, putting the health and safety of millions of Americans at risk. As part of an aggressive effort to protect the health care law, the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Resist campaign launched—an initiative and website that has collected thousands of testimonies from Americans who benefitted from the ACA and support the law.

With the launch of, CAP Action will amplify the voices thousands of people who have already shared their stories on how the ACA helped them and their families and how much they fear losing those protections to a Trump and congressional Republican agenda. The testimonies include Americans of all walks of life—working parents, small-business owners, and cancer survivors from Alaska to Florida to Tennessee—who know that politics has no place in their health care.

The stories reflect a growing chorus of Americans, including Trump voters, who oppose a Republican repeal-and-delay approach that would rip away health care for more than 30 million people, raise premiums, privatize or undo Medicare and Medicaid, and defund Planned Parenthood. CAP Action will continue to amplify these testimonies and ensure that Congress delivers the mandate of the people who want lower health care costs, not a GOP repeal.

Meet those who want Congress to know why the ACA works:

Members of the media who are interested in interviews or want to learn more about the story bank should contact Terrence Clark at [email protected].

  • Alyce Ornella from Harpswell, Maine: The ACA allowed her and her husband, who are small-business owners, to receive health insurance and helped save the family from financial ruin when their son was born with multiple congenital birth defects.
  • Aisha Crossley from Las Vegas, Nevada: The ACA allowed her and her four children to be insured with a premium that a working mom can afford.
  • Julie Schleier from Parkersburg, West Virginia: The ACA made getting the expensive medications she needs to live with a serious autoimmune disease affordable.
  • Jay Stout from Wilmington, North Carolina: The ACA covered his medical bills after he was in a terrible car accident last year.
  • Katie McDonald from Portland, Maine: The ACA provided her with low-cost insurance while she was working and attending college at the same time.
  • Logan Buerlein from Nashville, Tennessee: The ACA allowed him, a cancer survivor, to get covered despite having a pre-existing condition and being between jobs.
  • Regina Hebert from Sun City Center, Florida: The ACA gave this cancer survivor a chance to overcome her diagnosis and keep her small business.
  • Wanda Green from Waco, Texas: The ACA gave her granddaughter an opportunity to gain coverage and start her career despite having a pre-existing condition.
  • Whitney Thurman from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: The ACA allowed her to afford the medication she needs to fight her chronic medical condition.
  • Michele Justice from Buckeye, Arizona: The ACA provided her coverage even though she has lived with a pre-existing condition for more than 20 years.
  • Micheler Bonneau from Portage, Indiana: The ACA allowed her daughter to get health insurance even though she has lived with a severe eating disorder since childhood.
  • Sean Chambers from Anchorage, Alaska: The ACA saved his life by making health insurance affordable while he was working as seasonal worker in the tourism industry.

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