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RELEASE: Global Progress Action Announces New Fellowship Program Led by Jacinda Ardern
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RELEASE: Global Progress Action Announces New Fellowship Program Led by Jacinda Ardern

Washington, D.C. — Global Progress Action, an initiative of Center for American Progress Action Fund, is proud to announce a new fellowship program for emerging leaders led by former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The program, to be called the Field Fellowship, aims to support and connect leaders who embrace an alternative form of leadership—one that centers on pragmatic idealism and that draws on the strength of kindness and empathy to develop and build public support for progressive policy solutions to complex problems.

“The rise of authoritarianism and the growing influence of the far right in Europe shows the urgency of this program,” said Patrick Gaspard, CEO of CAP Action. “This moment demands more bold and principled leaders who are not afraid to stand firm in their values and who will refocus politics where it belongs—on caring for people.”

The first-of-its-kind program will bring together leaders from different countries to challenge and change the status quo of global politics. Participants will have the opportunity to explore practical solutions in the context of some vast challenges facing global communities, like the climate crisis and rising inequality. Field will be a global program, with the first inaugural fellowship being regionally focused on Europe and consisting of up to 15 participants.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the embodiment of the leadership style the program will instill in those who participate,” Gaspard said. “It’s only right that our inaugural fellowship, beginning this summer, is expected to include women in leadership roles from different European countries. It will help shape the ideas that will steer Europe toward a more hopeful, unifying, and optimistic future.”

“Creating a fellowship for leaders to support, learn, and grow together can help restore faith in progressive solutions as a force for good and better combat the shadow of far-right extremism,” said Johan Hassel, senior fellow and director of Global Progress Action at CAP Action.

Global Progress Action, an initiative of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, is an international incubator for innovative strategies and ideas on a global scale. It engages with leaders, thinkers, and policymakers, to explore how to overcome obstacles, advance policy solutions, govern thoughtfully, and shape progressive societies.

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