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RELEASE: A Michigan Trump Voter Cites Her Faith in Denouncing Trump’s Family Separation Policy in New CAP Action Campaign
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RELEASE: A Michigan Trump Voter Cites Her Faith in Denouncing Trump’s Family Separation Policy in New CAP Action Campaign

Washington, D.C. — As Congress begins to debate how to address those seeking asylum at the border, the Center for American Progress Action Fund is releasing a new video in a social media campaign to educate Americans of the effects of Trump’s inhumane policies. The campaign will tell stories of Americans such as Liz of the metro Detroit area, a 2016 Trump voter who has recently become outspoken against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Because of the administration’s stance on this issue, Liz says that she can no longer support President Donald Trump.

“I absolutely do feel regret voting for him,” she says.

Liz was raised in a Christian conservative family near the metro Detroit area and says that her Christian faith has taught her to be more compassionate and positive—something she says she doesn’t see in many of the Trump administration’s abusive policies, particularly the policy of family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border, where more than 2,300 children have been displaced from their parents. 

“How cold can you be?” she says. “[T]hose are children. Our president was perfectly fine with letting that happen and didn’t seem to have any remorse about letting that happen. He was more concerned with calling this person a name, calling that person a name,” she says in the video.

As Liz explains, there is widespread concern with President Trump’s policies among some Michigan voters, many of whom voted for Trump in 2016 believing that he would reinvigorate the local manufacturing economy.

A recent EPIC-MRA poll demonstrates that Trump cannot afford to alienate Michiganders like Liz, with 49 percent of respondents indicating that “they will definitely vote to replace Trump” and another 16 percent of respondents indicating that they are at least considering the option.

“There was a naive part of me, and I think honestly [in] a lot of voters, that thought, ‘He says off-the-wall, horrible things about women but maybe that’s because he’s just not polish,” says Liz, who now feels that those sorts of excuses have run out among Michiganders based on Trump’s first two years in office. She is now encouraging others in her community to be vocal about their concerns regarding the administration’s policies.

“This is not okay. I’m not okay with this. If you know who you are and what you stand for, don’t be afraid to speak your mind,” she says.

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