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RELEASE: Mitt Romney’s Paltry Education Plan

CAP Action Report Finds Presidential Candidate’s Plan for Our Nation’s School Is Short on Detail, Long on Rhetoric

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Washington, D.C. — Today, as the third full day of the Republican National Convention gets underway in Florida, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released a new report illustrating that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s education reform plan lacks the detail and depth the American public should expect from a presidential candidate. Part of CAP Action’s Romney U series, the report finds that Gov. Romney’s stance on this important issue lacks the conviction, consistency, and comprehensiveness required to tackle the serious problems facing our nation’s schools.

“Mitt Romney has been running for president for six years, and he still doesn’t have a substantial education plan,” said Cynthia G. Brown, Vice President for Education at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “It is time for him to buckle down, revise his draft, and submit a more detailed plan that America’s students and voters deserve.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rarely talks about education on the stump, and when he does, he rails against federal spending rather than discussing ways to improve struggling schools or the lives of disadvantaged students. Gov. Romney’s pick of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to be his running mate solidified that his stance on education matches his economic vision: Cut programs for the disadvantaged in order to pay for benefits to the wealthy. Gov. Romney’s main education idea is to turn federal money for disadvantaged students into vouchers that could be spent in private schools.

The report, entitled “Romney’s Paltry Education Plan,” outlines the few, mostly bad ideas Gov. Romney has put forward on education, including his mixed record as governor of Massachusetts and his inconsistent record as long-term presidential candidate.

In addition to the report, CAP Action released a package of infographics. One graphic illustrates Gov. Romney’s history of shifting positions on education issues over the past several years. The second graphic contrasts the very different approaches to education held by President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.


Read the report: Romney’s Paltry Education Plan: Republican Presidential Candidate’s Plan for Our Nation’s Schools Is Short on Detail, Long on Rhetoric

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