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RELEASE: The Moscow Project, CAP Action’s Investigation Into Russian Meddling, Launches New Comprehensive Website
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RELEASE: The Moscow Project, CAP Action’s Investigation Into Russian Meddling, Launches New Comprehensive Website

Washington, D.C. — The Moscow Project, the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s initiative to analyze Russian attacks on American democracy, launched a new, comprehensive website today to provide an up-to-the-minute resource for followers of the Russia investigation.

The website weaves original research with outside reporting to provide a one-stop shop for audiences interested in Russian interference, whether that be granular details about particular individuals in President Donald Trump’s orbit or a simple way to understand the overarching narrative. The launch coincides with a recent Center for American Progress report exploring the decades-long convergence of President Trump’s business interests with those of Russia’s moneyed elite and its implications for foreign exploitation.

“Following the latest developments in the Russia investigations can often feel like drinking from a fire hose, and keeping track of details can be a herculean task for the average observer,” said Diana Pilipenko, CAP Action’s associate director for anti-corruption and illicit finance. “We feel it is important to have a one-stop tool for anyone trying to follow the probes and their many tangents. As news breaks all over the world, the Moscow Project will tie the threads together and help make sense of this sprawling story.” has four core types of products: briefings, details, an overarching storyline, and an expansive, interactive timeline. It is designed to be accessible to both the casual observer and to visitors who are intimately familiar with the subject matter.


  • Explainers: Background documents on major topics of the Russia investigation, contextualized. As the investigation increasingly becomes cross-disciplinary, the Moscow Project website will provide appropriate information to bring readers up to speed on issues ranging from money laundering to the Magnitsky Act and the careers of Paul Manafort and foreign lobbyists. 
  • Dispatches: A central collection of all Moscow Project Dispatches, which analyze and respond to breaking news like the Nunes memo, Mueller indictments, and intelligence community assessments.
  • Reports: Long-form research and analysis on different aspects of the Russia investigation from CAP experts. Past reports have focused on the case for collusion, Russian active measures, and financial ties between Trump and Russia.


  • Players: Short blurbs on the who’s who of the Russia investigation, updated frequently as more information is uncovered.
  • Dossier: A line reading of the Steele dossier, updated with what information has been corroborated over time and important highlights that resurface as the investigation progresses.

The full story

  • Four readable chapters narrating the case for collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian campaign to elect Trump.

The timeline

  • The Moscow Project aims to have the most comprehensive, user-friendly timeline of the Russia investigation anywhere in the world. With customizable filters and analysis of every key moment in the story, the timeline can be an invaluable tool for researchers, investigators, and anyone who wants to dig as deep as possible into Russian interference in the U.S. election.

Click here to visit the Moscow Project’s website. Updates are also provided via the Moscow Project’s Twitter feed at @moscow_project.

For more information or to speak with an expert, contact Morgan Finkelstein at [email protected] or 202.478.5311.