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RELEASE: New CAP Action ‘Corruptipedia’ Website Asks Americans to Help Catalog Trump’s Culture of Corruption
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RELEASE: New CAP Action ‘Corruptipedia’ Website Asks Americans to Help Catalog Trump’s Culture of Corruption

Washington, D.C. — With every morning bringing new revelations of corruption from the Trump White House, his Cabinet, and his enablers in Congress, the Center for American Progress Action Fund has created a “Corruptipedia” to catalogue the new culture of corruption in Washington. While the website is being launched with more than 100 examples of corruption included, it is clear that the surface has barely been scratched, and CAP Action is asking the American people to submit missing incidents and contribute to the enormous task of keeping the Corruptipedia updated going forward.

Among the more than 100 examples listed so far, the Corruptipedia includes these shocking examples of corruption from the past few months:

  • Jared Kushner has failed to disclose conflicts of interest in ethics forms and has amended his form 40 times as of May 2018, prompting a fine.
  • A longtime friend and lobbyist helped plan Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s four-day, $100,000 trip to Morocco—at the expense of taxpayers—and got to tag along. The lobbyist subsequently began work for the Moroccan government.
  • Republican members of Congress passed a tax bill that will add more than $1 trillion to the national debt and publicly admitted that they did so out of loyalty to their donors.
  • Michael Cohen created a shell company that was paid by numerous large companies and a Russian oligarch—but for what services?

Navin Nayak, executive director of CAP Action, said, “In just 15 months, President Donald Trump, enabled by Republican allies in Congress, has created an unprecedented culture of corruption in Washington. It’s impossible for any one organization to keep track of all the self-dealing, taxpayer abuses, and violations, so we’re hoping the public will help fill out this ugly picture.”

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