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RELEASE: New CAP Action Fund Report Offers Detailed Strategy for Progressives Globally to Defeat Right-Wing Nationalism
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RELEASE: New CAP Action Fund Report Offers Detailed Strategy for Progressives Globally to Defeat Right-Wing Nationalism

Washington, D.C. — Recent political events have shown the growing strength of right-wing nationalism and extremist political movements on both sides of the Atlantic. The nomination of Donald Trump in the United States and the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, along with numerous far-right parties gaining steam across Europe, indicate the success of sharply populist, anti-establishment, “us v. them” politics across Western societies.

A report released today by the Center for American Progress Action Fund analyzes this trend and explains how progressive leaders can defeat the mainstreaming of regressive, so-called alt-right politics by embracing the desire for change among voters.

As the report authors Matt Browne and John Halpin argue, that change will require progressive leaders to offer more aggressive economic solutions directly tailored for people and regions left behind by globalization; new cultural cohesion policies that seek to bring people together around common challenges; and strong reforms to help restore trust in public life and government.

“Right now, right-wing populist, nationalist and anti-establishment parties and movements are ascending in U.S. and European politics. This political shift is made all the more potent by extreme partisanship in government and media. For progressives to push back against right-wing nationalists, they must coordinate efforts across different political parties, social movements, and activist communities to advance a common strategy,” said Matt Browne.

“Traditional technocratic solutions put forth by progressive and center-left parties will not be enough to seriously challenge the rising appeal of populist, nationalist movements and leaders. Progressives must offer more concrete and far-reaching economic solutions to regions hard hit by globalization and take extra steps to really listen to and address the concerns of disenchanted white working-class voters,” added John Halpin.

Political reform must also be a major focus of future progressive actions, argue the report’s authors. In the eyes of many, government exists to serve a favored class of political and economic elites rather than the citizenry at large. If progressives

want to address widespread disillusion and anger among voters, they must embrace economic, social, and political change and include these voters in new efforts to repair their communities and their national political systems.

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