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RELEASE: New CAP Action Tool Showcases Disconnect Between President Trump’s Priorities and Those of Working Families
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RELEASE: New CAP Action Tool Showcases Disconnect Between President Trump’s Priorities and Those of Working Families

Washington, D.C. — Prescription drug costs are on the rise, college graduates are struggling to pay off their student loans, and wages are barely budging. But that’s not apparent from looking at President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. A new tool from the Center for American Progress Action Fund,, shows how disconnected President Trump is from the concerns of everyday Americans, as evidenced by his erratic Twitter habits. 

“Americans are concerned about health care, education, climate change, and their paychecks, but Trump’s tweets underscore that his No. 1 concern is himself,” says Will Ragland, CAP Action’s research director. “We’re spending too much time discussing what Trump has tweeted and not enough time on what Trump hasn’t focused on, and shows just how obsessed Donald Trump is with himself and his political fortunes rather than helping everyday families.”

Polls have shown that Trump’s Twitter habit is a huge liability for him as president—even among his own supporters. Trump frequently tweets attacks on his political opponents, the news media, the Mueller investigation, and his impeachment, while rarely using his enormous public platform to talk about the issues that matter to Americans, such as health care, climate change and the environment, the opioid crisis, and student debt.

The new digital tool analyzes all of President Trump’s tweets in real time since inauguration and allows the public to compare their priorities with Trump’s. As of February 13, 2020, Trump has tweeted about a “witch hunt” 350 times since the start of his presidency, but about student debt only once. Trump has attacked “Democrats” a whopping 1,749 times on Twitter but has discussed preexisting conditions only 15 times. He’s attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 342 times but has tweeted about Social Security only three times. 

People can use to create their own comparisons of Trump’s priorities versus their own and immediately share them as images on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit for the full rundown of Trump’s Twitter attacks. 

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