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RELEASE: ThinkProgress Unveils Alyssa Rosenberg Culture Blog
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RELEASE: ThinkProgress Unveils Alyssa Rosenberg Culture Blog

Washington, D.C.—The Center for American Progress Action Fund is pleased to announce the addition of a culture blog to their award-winning and newly redeveloped on May 31, 2011.

With presidential candidates tweeting at reality stars (if they aren’t starring in reality shows themselves) and TV shows tackling serious issues in a more meaningful way than the “very special episode” format, there is more than enough fodder for exploring the intersection between politics and pop culture.

Let’s face it, the average American is more likely catching up on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" than watching "Meet the Press," but that’s exactly why pop culture is critically important to understanding why Americans think the way they do. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" shed light on the rape kit backlog and human trafficking. "Avatar" was a box office smash not only because of cutting-edge special effects, but also because it tapped into a collective anxiety about the environment.

The culture page will be edited by Alyssa Rosenberg, formerly the editor of the and currently a correspondent for and The Washington Monthly.

“Thoughtful analysis of culture helps us interpret the political landscape, and Alyssa has demonstrated a keen understanding of the interplay between culture and politics,” said Faiz Shakir, VP for Communications and Editor of ThinkProgress. “We are confident that her unique and insightful coverage can’t be found elsewhere on the web.”

By adding Alyssa’s singular perspective and exceptional writing style, ThinkProgress hopes to build its already considerable influence and continue the spirit of innovation in a new era of political media and journalism. ThinkProgress attracts over 4.5 million visits a month, over 2 million unique visitors, and over 6 million page views. Technorati, the leading authority on blog rankings, lists ThinkProgress as one of the top 10 influential blogs in America and one of the top three political blogs. A New York Times analysis of reporting based on citations of new reporting put ThinkProgress above traditional media outlets like Newsweek, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic for original reporting.

To view Alyssa’s blog on, click here.

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