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STATEMENT: Daniel J. Weiss on Senate Energy Legislation
Press Statement

STATEMENT: Daniel J. Weiss on Senate Energy Legislation

"The Senate Republican leadership is responsible for the Senate’s inability to reduce global warming pollution. To help their big oil and big coal allies, they bullied many of their senators to avoid talks over a program that would create jobs, reduce oil use, and slash pollution. Due to Republican leaders inaction, China will continue to expand its clean energy industry and jobs, we will spend $1 billion each day on foreign oil, and power plants will spew billions of tons of pollution.

"It is up to the Obama administration to promptly comply with the Supreme Court by using EPA’s authority to reduce global warming pollution. The White House must also launch a vigorous defense of that authority in the face of attacks from big oil, big coal, and their congressional allies.

"The United States must reduce oil use. The president has taken important steps to do this with the first improvement in fuel economy standards in 20 years. He should continue this process, as well as use all existing tools to speed the development and deployment of electric cars and natural gas trucks.

"It is unfortunate that the Republican leaders could stymie action during the hottest month of the hottest year following the hottest decade on record. They are spending too much time in air-conditioned special interest fundraisers and not enough outside talking to Americans who want jobs, security, and health protection.

"We are pleased that HOME STAR and natural gas trucks will be part of the oil disaster response bill. Both policies will create jobs and reduce oil use.

"Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV), John Kerry (D-MA), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) have labored mightily to overcome GOP obstruction. They each deserve credit for devising proposals that create jobs, cut oil use, and slash pollution while protecting families’ wallets."