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STATEMENT: Moscow Project’s Max Bergmann on Attorney General Barr’s Whitewashed Letter
Press Statement

STATEMENT: Moscow Project’s Max Bergmann on Attorney General Barr’s Whitewashed Letter

Washington, D.C. —  In response to Attorney General Barr’s completely inadequate release of a four-page letter interpreting the Mueller report, Director of the Moscow Project and CAP Action Senior Fellow Max Bergmann issued the following statement:

Robert Mueller has finished his investigation and it is past time that the American people hear from him. Mueller’s investigation has detailed a massive Russian operation to undermine American democracy, making his results critical to the national security of the United States.

Trump has not been exonerated by Mueller – in fact, what little we do know suggests the opposite. Trump and his campaign knew about Russia’s efforts and actively encouraged them.

Mueller has indicted the top echelon of Trump’s associates for lying about their contacts with Russia. Therefore, the president’s handpicked Attorney General cannot be allowed to simply whitewash Mueller’s report in a brief, problematic letter that raises more questions than it answers. The full report should be released to the public immediately.

It is up to Congress to continue to investigate and uncover the truth, but it must first be known what facts are already established. The American public deserves to know exactly how the president and his subordinates acted in the face of a confirmed, sustained effort by the Kremlin to interfere in our elections, and whether the President’s financial entanglements with Russia have compromised our national security.

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