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“When Asked Directly, Doctors Support a Public Insurance Option”
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“When Asked Directly, Doctors Support a Public Insurance Option”

In a 48-Hour Survey This Past Weekend, 97 percent of Physicians Supported a Well-Crafted Public Insurance Option.

Following last week’s statements by the AMA about a public insurance option, the public was left questioning whether physicians would support such a measure in a health reform bill. Doctors for America asked physicians directly whether they believed a well crafted public insurance option could be a part of health reform solution. Within 48 hours, over 1,500 responded from 48 states –

with an overwhelming 97% of respondents voting "Yes."


The full list of comments is attached. Here are two examples:

“As a rural family physician, I see people daily who cannot afford or who have been denied private insurance. Without a public insurance option meaningful health care reform is impossible.”

–Dr. Andrew Janssen, MD (John Day, OR)

“I hope that health reform that covers everyone, contains costs, and rewards quality is passed this year. I want to see physician groups working together during this critical year for the future of health care.”

–Dr. Nat Schuster, MD (Ann Arbor, MI)

Doctors are standing up in communities across America to speak out about health reform. Doctors for America was created to give these physicians a way to share their ideas and support with the public and Congress. If the country really wants to know how physicians feel about reform, they should connect directly with doctors on the front lines of our health care system.