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A new year, a new Congress.

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Welcome to 2019 and day 12 of President Trump’s government shutdown.

Tomorrow, Speaker-designate Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues take control of the House of Representatives. Here are just a few things they plan to do to clean up President Trump’s mess of the last two years:

  • Reopen the government ASAP. Trump’s chaos and corruption have made him fundamentally unfit and unable to perform even the basics of governing the country. With alliances in tatters and an economy seesawing thanks to Trump’s deranged tweets, House Democrats will pass a bill to reopen the government. The question is: Will Trump and the GOP get on board?
  • Be a check on Trump. House Democrats will finally conduct oversight on everything from Trump’s corruption to his racist immigration policies, which Republicans have been complicit in for the past two years.

Republicans in Congress have given Trump a blank check for his entire presidency; 2019 will be the year Democracy starts fighting back.