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The real state of our union

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Trump’s broken promises are on display for the world to see

Tonight, during his State of the Union address before a House that impeached him two months ago, Trump will tout his administration’s “accomplishments” of the past three years. He’ll likely lie and gloat about the many ways he’s made America “great again”—but you know better.

What Trump won’t mention? His administration’s myriad broken promises to working families:

  • Farm bankruptcies: Trump won’t discuss the 52% increase in Midwest farm bankruptcies since he took office.
  • Job growth: He won’t acknowledge that job growth is down 16% during his presidency.
  • Health care: Trump won’t talk about the 135 million Americans with preexisting conditions—like Tina, a dairy farmer from Wisconsin who battled cancer—who are living in fear because of his administration’s health care sabotage.

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