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For two years, progressives have focused on fighting back against President Trump’s corruption and racism. Now, it’s time to start thinking about the progressive future we can build once he’s gone.

The American people are ready for it:

  • Immigration: 60% of Americans oppose the wall, according to a new Gallup poll. 81% support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and just 37% want to lower immigration levels (a big improvement).
  • Climate change: According to a November AP survey, 7 in 10 Americans believe climate change is happening. 60% of those Americans say climate change is “caused mostly or entirely by humans.” 74% say that extreme weather over the past five years has influenced their views on the subject. Someone should tell the 150 GOP climate deniers in Congress.
  • Taxing the wealthy: It’s safe to say that taxing the very wealthy is popular with American voters. 61% of voters surveyed in a Morning Consult poll support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D, MA) proposed 2% tax on households worth at least $50 million. 45% of voters similarly support Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D, NY-14) proposed 70% marginal tax rate for income over $10 million.


There’s a reason Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Tom DeLay, and Roy Moore are afraid of House Democrats’ H.R. 1: It will make it a lot harder for them to be corrupt.

H.R. 1 is House Democrats’ historic anti-corruption package that will tackle campaign finance, dark money in politics, ethics scandals, voter suppression, and more. Here are 21 recent scandals #HR1 would prevent from recurring.