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Trump’s administration puts workers last

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The Trump administration’s betrayal of American labor

Trump swore that “the jobs, incomes, and security of the American worker” would be his “first priority.”

He’s broken that promise time and again. The Trump administration’s policies actively hurt working Americans:

  • Overtime pay: The Trump administration rolled back overtime pay protections, costing American workers $1.2 BILLION in lost income each year.
  • Wages: Trump promised to raise wages for the middle class. In reality, wages have barely budged. Meanwhile, 83% of the benefits of Trump’s tax bill went to the richest 1% of earners.
  • Jobs: Trump said he’d be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Not so much. Job growth is down 21% under the Trump administration.

Does this sound like an administration that has kept its promises to working Americans?

Heading into Labor Day weekend, share this thread to spread the word: Workers are paying the price for these broken promises: