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Where are the tests?

Trump’s lies about coronavirus testing put lives at risk

Trump has failed to provide widespread coronavirus testing to keep Americans safe.

Instead of helping states get the resources they need, Trump is lying about how much testing has taken place and putting lives at risk by pushing governors to relax social distancing too soon.

The White House promised that 27 million coronavirus tests would be available by the end of March. As of this week, only four million tests have been conducted. Research shows that Trump needs to more than triple daily U.S. testing levels before we consider “re-opening” the country.

This chaos is costing lives. More than 45,000 people in the U.S. have already died from COVID-19.

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Trump and some Republican governors are risking workers’ lives by trying to force them back to work too early, even though Americans overwhelmingly support continued social distancing measures.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Several European governments are keeping their communities safe and paying people’s paychecks directly rather than forcing them back to unsafe work environments. It’s amazing what you can do when leaders let science and recommendations from public health experts determine their actions.