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Raising Working Standards

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Boost the Incomes of Millions of Women and Their Families

If Congress raised the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, millions of American women would be better able to support themselves and their families.

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Help, Not Hurt, Our Economy

Evidence shows that raising the minimum wage when unemployment is high does not harm the economy.

Improving Retirement Savings in Maryland

David Madland discusses a new private-sector retirement-plan type called the Secure, Accessible, Flexible, and Efficient, or SAFE, Retirement Plan before the Maryland Joint Committee on Pensions.

Infographic: Raising the Minimum Wage

This infographic shows how the California minimum-wage increase will affect the state’s working families.

American Retirement Savings Could Be Much Better

book_alt2 icon Report The creation of a SAFE Retirement Plan would significantly improve our private-sector retirement system by better handling the risks and costs
 of retirement compared to the typical and perfect-world 401(k) plan.

Jeff Smisek with Continental Airlines employees

Growing the Wealth

book_alt2 icon Report Inclusive capitalism, when implemented correctly, can begin to address some of the fundamental problems with our economy while simultaneously improving workers’ well-being and the performance of businesses.

Maryland Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program and Maryland Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust

David Madland discusses the Maryland Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program before the Maryland House of Delegates.

Federal Minimum Wage: $7.25 or $9 an Hour?

David Madland argues for raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour.

A Higher Minimum Wage Will Not Hurt U.S. Businesses

Basic math shows that President Obama’s proposed minimum-wage increase would have very little impact on U.S. businesses.

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address

Women and Families Would Be the Lead Recipients of a Minimum-Wage Boost

Increasing the minimum wage for all workers—particularly women who are the majority of low-paid workers—will markedly improve life for struggling American families.

Retirees Rick Corley, left, and his wife Jean pose for a photo in front of their home in Moore, Okla.

Making Saving for Retirement Easier, Cheaper, and More Secure

article icon Issue Brief Allowing workers to enroll in either a collective defined-contribution plan or a Thrift Savings Plan would ensure all Americans have access to a quality retirement plan, significantly boosting savings and security while at the same time helping to ensure workers can retire with dignity.

Pension Modernization for a 21st Century Workforce

David Madland delivers remarks at a roundtable discussion with the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

The Facts on Raising the Minimum Wage When Unemployment Is High

Recent studies show that increasing the minimum wage even during hard times is good policy, providing higher pay but no loss of jobs, say T. William Lester, David Madland, and Nick Bunker.

Immigration reform activists

Legal Status for Undocumented Workers Is Good for American Workers

Studies show that providing legal status to undocumented immigrants will increase wages for American workers.